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Do you have SecondLife? Do you use it? Or like me, did you get yourself an avatar then forgot about it? I can’t remember my first avatar. It was years ago. I remember being frustrated because I couldn’t get past the fiddly stuff of creating my avatar so I can go to the good bits which is finding out, first-hand, what it can do for me as an educator.

So the forgotten avatar probably created using a now defunct email is gone forever (or is it really? Do avatars die after not being used for years? If not, where do they go?). Late last year, I found a good reason to create a new account and patiently spent time to make sure my avatar is kitted out, ready to face the virtual world!

My Avatar

kloza Xootfly: my avatar wearing a new outfit

Now to the good bits! My avatar attended the SL concurrent sessions as part of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) annual meeting. What a fantastic experience! Ok, it took me awhile to figure out:

  • how to sit,
  • how to move without running into people and objects,
  • that the closer my avatar is to the “speaker” the better I can hear them (like a shy student, I sat at the back of the amphitheatre), and,
  • that I was wearing hideous clothes.

Thanks to the lovely Robin who gave me better clothes and some tips on how to use SL. It was also Robin who invited me to take part in a workshop on building in SL which started this week and will carry on for 3 more weeks.

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more about “kloza on SL“, posted with vodpod

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Day 2: 18 April 2009, Saturday

This day was spent exploring the nature trail at Jozani Forest, a protective reserve which is nearly 3% of the whole island.

forest ranger

forest ranger © kloza

We were taken around by a ranger from the local community with a real passion for the protection of indigenous creatures (big and small) in the reserve.

red colobus monkey © kloza

red colobus monkey © kloza

If you are lucky, you will find a friendly gang of red colobus monkey as well as a chance to feed sea turtles. Both animals are endangered and the community has many projects to make sure that these creatures are protected. Supporting their nature trail tours help in informing visitors about their projects.

baby sea turtle

baby sea turtle © kloza

More photos from Day 2 in Zanzibar here

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17 April 2009, Friday

We arrived in Zanzibar mid-day after traveling for more than 18 hours beginning Thursday, 16 April:

  • Bus from Cardiff to London Heathrow (LHR) = 3 hours
  • Wait for flight to leave from LHR =  3 hours
  • Flight from LHR to Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Int’l Airport (NBO) = 8.5 hours
  • Wait at NBO airport = 2 hours
  • Flight from NBO to Zanzibar Kisauni Airport (ZNZ)= 1.5 hours
  • ZNZ to hotel = 20 mins

Airport is small and security is quite relaxed. We explored stone town in the afternoon and then back to the hotel to listen to traditional Traab music and watch the sunset. Dinner at the rooftop was fantastic; service was excellent!

Looking forward to meeting the participants to this project between IB and Aga Khan.

Here’s a slideshow of the day’s pictures:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More Zanzibar photos here.

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olive oil


olive oil, originally uploaded by missy & the universe.

While in a conference in Budapest, I got an email that this photo is going to be published on this site. It’s always good to see a picture I took outside my flickr page elsewhere. However, this only ever happens to photos I tag assiduously.

After a lot of pressure coming from a prolific blogger also sometimes called the boyfriend, I will start using this blog… errr… while maintaining my super-secret blog 😉 (Btw, if you want some good reading about films, see Dan’s blog called Spectacular Attractions)

I will post a series of blogs based on my contributions in an online assessment workshop which I am currently taking. The framework is a primary curriculum that promotes international-mindedness and global citizenship.

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