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Sunflower, Sunny, Sunday

Sunflowers, originally uploaded by Kirsten Loza.

These lovely sunflowers were from the Sunday Riverside market by Cardiff Millennium Stadium. They were absolutely gorgeous and huge and I couldn’t resist getting a few for the apartment to brighten up our living room.

[In the market, I met up with Maggie of Tech Transformation blog for coffee and a chat about PYP and ICT. I’m hopeful that we’ll get an opportunity to collaborate on something exciting!]

The image above was taken with an iPhone and edited using my favourite iPhone photo editing app called Best Camera. It comes with filters which you can choose to create different effects. You can choose single or multiple layers and you can even double up on the same filter to give you enhance effect on that filter.

If you like the holga effect, it is easily done. You can see all the filters here: http://www.thebestcamera.com/app.html

My favourites: jewel, candy, and vignette. And I like to add a frame, too. It creates a lovely frame!

Photos edited on the Best Camera app can be easily shared on facebook, flickr, twitter, attached to an email, and on the Best Camera site. My Best Camera photos are here: http://bestc.am/photographers/13392.

It’s an app that your iPhone should have.


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