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Do you have SecondLife? Do you use it? Or like me, did you get yourself an avatar then forgot about it? I can’t remember my first avatar. It was years ago. I remember being frustrated because I couldn’t get past the fiddly stuff of creating my avatar so I can go to the good bits which is finding out, first-hand, what it can do for me as an educator.

So the forgotten avatar probably created using a now defunct email is gone forever (or is it really? Do avatars die after not being used for years? If not, where do they go?). Late last year, I found a good reason to create a new account and patiently spent time to make sure my avatar is kitted out, ready to face the virtual world!

My Avatar

kloza Xootfly: my avatar wearing a new outfit

Now to the good bits! My avatar attended the SL concurrent sessions as part of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) annual meeting. What a fantastic experience! Ok, it took me awhile to figure out:

  • how to sit,
  • how to move without running into people and objects,
  • that the closer my avatar is to the “speaker” the better I can hear them (like a shy student, I sat at the back of the amphitheatre), and,
  • that I was wearing hideous clothes.

Thanks to the lovely Robin who gave me better clothes and some tips on how to use SL. It was also Robin who invited me to take part in a workshop on building in SL which started this week and will carry on for 3 more weeks.

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online workshop platformIB has been offering online professional development workshop for a few years now but it is only since last year when Primary Years Programme (PYP) has launched it’s first online workshop on assessment. I was a participant in the first run of the workshop and then, subsequently, observed the other iterations.

I found the first workshop quite daunting- there were too many tools available to click and I am not really sure where to go to find the understandings the workshop intends to develop. However, there was a really active group of participants who took the time (and it does take a lot of time!) to join the forum and participate in knowledge construction and sharing.

After a round of feedback, the moodle platform was tidied up and online workshop mentors became more savvy about supporting participants in scaffolding the use of the tools.

I am currently co-mentoring an induction to the PYP workshop for teachers who have recently joined a school implementing the programme. This is the second online workshop offering for the PYP. Paul, the other mentor, is very good in providing me guidance and we have developed a system using google docs to monitor the participants’ participation.

The second module finishes this Sunday and a new module starts on Monday. There are participants who join the forum at the beginning of the week, and some, towards the end of the week. As a mentor, managing time is crucial so that timely feedback and encouragement is given to those who have posted a response to the prompt at the start of the module.

Have you participated in an online workshop before?

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I arrived yesterday in Chiang Mai after a little sleep on the 11-hour plane ride from London to Bangkok. It was a 2-hour wait at Bangkok and then another hour on the plane from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Feeling quite jetlagged, I decided to take it easy and have dinner at the hotel and go to the night market for an hour.

I thought I’ll manage to sleep right away when I get back at the hotel but I was wide-awake until 4am. 

We’re now at the Prem Centre where the workshop leaders training is going to be held this week. I am sharing ‘my place’ with Terry, a lovely woman from Melbourne. There’s going to be a welcome drinks and dinner starting at half 5pm and then our work begins tomorrow. I am so excited to be attending this training (at last!) and I just know that I will meet wonderful people.

All the Zanzibar photos are nearly all up on flickr so I can retro-blog about the experience. Daily photo collections are here.   

Last night, while reading a friend’s blog, I discovered issuu which I will now add to my web 2.0 tools. I gave it a go by uploading a word doc but the hotel connection was too slow. I’ll check it again this evening. Maybe I can use it in my session on Tuesday.

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travel pains

French Riviera © Kirsten

Finally back to my cosy flat checking my email, updating my twitter (which updates my facebook), uploading photos on iPhoto for export on flickr, did a software updates on my iMac, fashioned my Firefox (more on this another time), and putting my feet up!

I am back from the ECIS conference in Nice, France where I presented with S about the work we are currently doing. I thought it was a good turn-out and we presented well together. We attended a few other presentations as well as helped out in the company exhibition stand. I met new people and got on really well with H and E.

In spite of the nightmare of a journey, we all managed to keep our cool and resisted throwing a hissy fit. I mean, *I* resisted throwing a hissy fit!

Our flight from Nice to Amsterdam was delayed and then we heard news that our flight from Amsterdam to Cardiff was canceled. When we arrived in Amsterdam, we queued for about an hour and a half to get new boarding passes for flights the next day. After sorting our flights and making sure that our bags are transferred, we headed to book a hotel near the airport for the night. G (the only bloke at this point) decided to break off from the girls and head to town to get his room and we all headed to Hotel Mercure. A pizza, a bowl of peanuts and a bottle wine after, we said good night and agreed to meet at the reception in the morning to take the shuttle back to Amsterdam Schipol airport.

The flight from Amsterdam to Cardiff was on time and we are all looking forward to being home. Unfortunately, S, G and my bag did not turn up at the airport so we left with just our hand luggage. For me, this means that until I get my luggage bag, I will have to wear a skirt as the only 3 trousers I own are in the bag! Maybe this means I should go out a shop for clothes. I wonder if my insurance will cover that…

Anyway, I need to keep going for the rest of the evening so I have some energy to go to Spanish class.

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